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Frequently Asked Questions

  Q: How do you make the silver so white?

  A: Silver is a naturally white metal, it only becomes  shiny when buffed.

   To achieve the white matte finish, I heat the metal up with a torch and plunge it into an acid. This process brings the fine silver to the surface and thats how you get the white luster.

  Q: Will the copper turn green?

  A: I oxidize all the copper in advance which gives it the dark unified tone, the dark copper color is pretty stable and won't likely turn green unless you swim in the ocean with it or leave it out in the rain.

  Q: How do I care for my jewelry?

  A:  To prevent tarnish on silver, store your jewelry away from air and moisture. I recommend keeping silver in zip-loc bags. There are also little anti-tarnish strips you can purchase online from 3M.

   Shiny Silver: Use a polishing cloth, any commercial cleaner or toothpaste.

  Matte Finish Silver: Make a paste of baking soda and dish soap and scrub vigorously with a tooth brush. This method is safe to use with stones. 


  Tarnex (available in hardware stores) or any dip-it type cleaner works on matte finish cleaner as well. Dip the piece in the solution and rinse throughly. Avoid any stones when using this method. You can also paint the Tarnex on the silver avoiding stones if need be, and rinse.


  Copper or gold included in a silver piece may be cleaned by the same method used on the silver part.  If the copper is oxidized it should be stable doesn't require care.

  Q: Do you do custom work or      commissions?


  A: No.

 Q: Do you do repairs?

  A: I don't repair jewelry that isn't made by me. In the unlikely event that something I made breaks I will gladly repair it.

 Q: How do the hoop earrings work?

 A: The hoops open up on one side of the earring. Pull the wire out of the tube, and gently move it to the side in order to fit it into the ear. Fit the wire back into the tube in to fasten it. Push the wire down so it is secure.  

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