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Brenna Klasssen-Glanzer

     All jewelry is designed and made by Brenna Klassen-Glanzer.

I’m a second generation silversmith, born and raised in Minneapolis, MN.  I began designing and making jewelry in 2004.

 I use sheet silver and copper to create contemporary jewelry. My love of nature led me to draw much of my inspiration from interesting natural forms such as seeds, pods, coral and shells.


My work incorporates a variety of textures, combined metals and the use of fold forming and anticlastic techniques in some pieces. It is a mixture of organic natural forms and modern design, which gives the pieces an untamed yet elegant quality.

To achieve my forms, I saw, hammer, fold, solder, texture, and bend pieces I make from sheet silver and copper. I incorporate silver wire, tube, bezel, opal, and 23.5K gold keum-boo when desired. I strive to make voluminous, lightweight contemporary jewelry.

My roots in the trade

     I was raised in a silversmithing family, I learned the trade from my parents Duke Klassen and LaDes Glanzer. They were self-taught silversmiths for 42 years. I grew up with my parents making jewelry in the studio in our house. As a child I enjoyed traveling to art shows with them all over the country to sell their work.


   I've always loved making things by hand and at the age of 24 I began designing jewelry and mentoring with my parents to learn their techniques. I have also learned things from books and developed my style through experimentation. 

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